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Welcome to the “Eco-design” guide of WEEE compliance schemes

Recylum, Ecologic, Eco-systèmes et PV CYCLE, french WEEE compliance schemes approved by public authorities for the management of household Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are pleased to introduce you their bilingual guide (French/English) on eco-design of electric and electronic equipment.

« Eco3e » website

The « Eco3e » website, entirely dedicated to producers of electric and electronic equipments (in the broad sense : manufacturers, importers and own brand retailers) aims at providing producers of EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) keys to understand the benefit of eco-design from the perspective of the equipments’ end-of-life stage.

This initiative of Recylum, Ecologic, Eco-systèmes and PV CYCLE is part of the mission (which is naturally devoted to WEEE compliance scheme) of promoting eco-design of equipments in order to facilitate their recycling.

« Eco3e » is an awareness raising website that attempts to answer questions from novices to eco-design experts through different themes:

  1. Eco design assets ;
  2. Regulations and Directives linked to eco-design (WEEE,  RoHS,  ErP and REACH as well as  ecolabels) ;
  3. Eco design tools (ISO standards, life cycle analysis, indicators …) ;
  4. Some proposed improvement plan in order to improve recycling of equipments, organized by waste, type of equipments and materials stream.

« Eco3e » website is intended for all services within a company, from senior management to design department through marketing or purchasing.

« Eco3e » a progressive website, the result of a collaborative work

« Eco3e » results from three years of collaboration between recycling experts, the four compliance schemes that initiated the project and teachers of the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de  Chambéry” under the joint direction of Daniel Froelich (internationally recognized researcher in the field of industrial eco-design) and Markus A. Reuter, Outotec’s Director of Technology & Product Management (Finland) (Adjunct Professor Aalto University Helsinki / Professorial Fellow Uni Melbourne).

Interactive “Eco3e” enables users to comment on each article, allowing collaborative update of the website by various stakeholders (producers of equipment, compliance schemes, researchers, waste treatment companies …) regarding regulatory, scientific and technology changes.

Enjoy the read!