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About us

The Institute ENSAM of Chambery is a research and education institute dedicated to the eco-design of products and environmental management. The institute was created by the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Métiers in 1995 on the site of Savoy Technolac at Le Bourget du Lac (73) under the leadership of Michel Barnier and Hervé Gaymard. It offers so far three types of training courses: The Specialized Master “Eco-design and environmental management”, an engineering apprenticeship on the management and the prevention of risks, and a specialization in “Analysis of Life Cycle and Eco-design” third-year students of ENSAM. Research at the institute is recognized for his work on the dismantling of products and sorting materials for recycling and its methodological work on the environmental design of products. To date, work has been conducted in partnership with many industry sectors (Electrical, Electronics, Automotive, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Renewable energy, …)

The authors of this website:

Daniel FROELICH is University Professor at the Institute of Chambery since 1998 and is responsible for the research department and teaching. Initially, manager at the Research department of Renault, he was responsible from 1990 to 1996 for the implementation of technological processes of recycling of end of life vehicles and design for recycling of new vehicles. He attended the Technical Committee of the French agreement framework on vehicles recycling from 1993 which served as a model for the European Directive. From 1996 to 1998 he was involved in the European program AUTOOIL II setting emissions thresholds of vehicle for EURO3 and EURO4 directives. In 1998, he left Renault to head the fledgling savoy institute.

Damien SULPICE is a research engineer at the institute in the field of recycling. Alumnus of the UTT and of the specialized master “Eco-design and environmental management” of ENSAM, he is currently working on plastics recycling.

Thanks to: Emmanuel Meurville, Hervieu Victor, Alexandre Chartier-FERIEN for their contributions.

OCAD3E ((Authorized Organization Coordinator for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a joint venture with three producer responsibility organizations recognized by public authorities for the management of WEEE: Ecologic Eco-systèmes, and Recylum. It aims to be the single contact with local collectivities, ensures the proper functioning of the sector, and pools the organization of projects that could benefit the industry as a whole.